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This machine is standard with 8″ brake tooling, 4 way die, foot pedal, misc. The dimensions of this machine are 24” x 66”x 60” and weighs 2,600 lbs. Systems utilizing hydraulic technology are able to exert immense amounts of force on steel plating of various widths. This company has over 50 employees dedicated to serving thousands of customers in the United States and beyond. The people of Machinery Values have been members of Machinery Dealers National Association for over 25 year and subscribe to the highest level of ethical standards. Machinery Values has been selling high quality ironworker machining equipment for over 25 years and completely stands by the product.A few models of ironworkers include: * 65 Ton Scotchman 6509-24M IRONWORKER that was purchased in 2008 and is complete with:220V three phase unit, 6 X 6 angle shear (used once for a small job), 48″ electric back gauge, deluxe punch set, standard back gauge, 24″ brake package (maybe used a handful of time) and all original booklets, accessories, safety parts. Machinery Values offer a few ironworkers that may fit your need.If it is a plant that you are attempting to accommodate, a used ironworker supplied by Machinery Values should certainly do the trick.

If Machine for making spring you are on the market for a used ironworker you are likely seeking a machine that is durable, reliable and of the highest quality. Many of these ironworkers use hydraulic system mechanical force to generate pressure to the material and use the newest technologies operating in working steel plate sheeting. This company has a long standing reputation of a company that sells reliable equipment at premium quality. thru 2/4,” angle shear capacity 5” x 5” x 3/8” and shear cap with special knife 4” x 4”x1/2” and flat bar shear capacity 1”x4” ¾” x 10” 5/8” x 15”. You would like for your ironworker to punch holes, sheer steel plates and notch at a superior standard. * 50 Ton 8″ Throat Piranha Model P50 IRONWORKER was new in 1998 and is fully equipped with a punch capacity 1-1/16” dia. The amount of force exerted can measure in tons or pressure typically starting at 20 tons and going upward of 150 tons. punches and dies, misc. * 150 Ton Scotchman DO 150/240-24M NEW IRONWORKER, 150. thru ½” and 13/16” dia. tool holders.Machinery Values, was founded in 1971 and is family operated in Harrison, NJ. They also feature hydraulic rams that are powered by a heavy duty alternating current that translates electronic energy into mechanical energy.