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Just like conservative war hawk John McCain, ‘cause he’s a politician, and he was a maverick, and now… uhm… I got nothing. As we join him in his sophomore film endeavor he has successfully privatized world peace, making a bundle as a scoundrel war profiteer, although his mechanical heart has burned out and is slowly killing him…So it’s more like the Dick Cheney story only Tony Stark actually SHOWS UP at Senate Committee hearings into his possible criminal malfeasance! WHOOOooHOOO! I’m on a roll!At his side is his best friend, the decorated military hero James Rhodes a.If Iron Man and co.a. The toys on sale for the movie name him as Whiplash, though he’s never called that in the film, which proves that toys are filthy G. Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell show off in front of millions as the two greatest supporting actors in Hollywood.Ya’ see, Hollywood needs “Tent Movies,” films that are garaunteed to make bank to ensure the studios can keep business going.D.Awesome performances4 nifty visuals – a solid story / too many characters – clear motivations car chase cockatoo = A big fun, brainless time out at the cinema. Audiences will get sick and tired of grandstanding do-gooders, ushering in more anti-hero films like Nolan’s Batman.

Bush story, only Tony Stark fights his own battles! ZING!In case you missed the first movie, Tony has an artificial heart he uses to run a powerful battle suit called the Iron Man Armor.So, what’s next?THE FUTUREUnfortunately an endless parade of super hero movies for characters you didn’t care about when they were comic books. Comic book movies are best digested in the context of other comic book movies. Folks will even shun movies about sailors because they’ll see those little flaps of cloth on the backs of their uniforms and think they’re capes!The Super-Hero movie will ultimately destroy itself, leaving the cinema open for invasion from Pirates and WWI dough-boys and bi-plane pictures! ARG!SO WHAT?Iron Man 2 is fun, Iron Man 3 will be a grind, and if Robert Downey Jr. I’d go so far as to say that “Iron Man 2 was a rocket powered Mr. It dares you to take it seriously so it can laugh at you while it drinks a martini by the pool. Hollywood’s intention is to keep up the flow of Super-Hero movies and make them perennials, films you’ll go to see every summer or winter break.There will be an Iron Man 3, and an Avengers film as well as hordes of spin-offs.k. War Machine played by Don Cheedle and Spring machine manufacturer love interests Pepper Potts and Scarlet Johansen.

I liked it less than Spider-Man 2 and Watchmen. All that said, was the film any good? Let’s do the math. He is menaced by Micky Rourke who’s character name, I believe, was Ivan. have to trot out every summer it will get harder and harder to keep the spontaneous magic alive, and far more difficult to wow audiences with any semblance of whimsy or charm. Scarlett Johansen is an extremely attractive woman.Comic book movies cannot be quantified with the same measuring stick you might use on actual films. is fool enough to try for it then Iron Man 4 will be a disaster. Iron Man is a chrome thumb in the eye of taste. Goodbar of fun, replete with action, humor and peanuts.A movie like Iron Man is fun because it’s a simple, fast diversion from real life and subsequently real films. STOP making hero films while you can, Hollywood, lest you undermine your own success with mediocrity. is an amazingly suave and entertaining fellow to be sure. Think of him as Sarah Palin, only without the horrible affected accent! BOO-YEAH BABY! Take that, politicians-I-disagree-with-who-will-never-ever-read-this-article, EVER!!THE MOVIERobert Downey Jr. Sam plays a struggling and insignificant second banana so desperate for the wealth, power and fame awarded to people with actual intellectual acumen that he’ll say anything, do anything and betray any trust he can in order to advance himself.

The Harry Potter films, the Lord of the Rings Films and the Twilight Films are all based on properties with definite endings, and those endings have either come or are oncoming. It’s like the George W. LIARS!Most of Tony’s troubles stem from his inability to stop being a totally awesome party machine with a machine gun loaded with one-liners for a mouth, though some of his problems are caused by Sam Rockwell.” See it on the big screen while you still can, as the small screen transfer will probably lose much in the transition. Soon we’ll be sick of heroes, anti-Heroes, villains and vampires.This reviewer liked it better than Spider-Man 3, Daredevil, both of the Hulk films, and X-Men 3. No film about tights and capes is going to resemble anything other than a toy commercial next to ACTUAL films like Gone with the Wind or Howling 3.

In Iron Man 2 Robert Downey Jr. plays a booze swilling, millionaire at the forefront of civil defense who battles foreigners in order to secure his father’s legacy. I have my beefs with the Batman movies from Kevin Nolan (too dark and miserable) though I have to say they sure look like art house films compared to the bright and shiny feel good fun time of the Iron Man films.So, “Yes,” Iron Man 2 was technically a good Movie.